Monday, October 1, 2018

It's all over but the crying, Father Ray Kelly's message USA Tour 2018

From the Official Facebook Page

...and may we say, congratulations on well over 40 thousand likes!

After all the excitement, remember you can always listen to the wise words and prayers of Fr Ray at his parish, link on the sideline (hint: he sings Saturdays and Sundays!):

Here is Father Ray's message and the Facebook post with pics:

What can I say about the last 16 days I’ve spent in the US of A, except that they’ve been nothing short of wonderful.
Firstly, to the people who helped organise the concerts in Denver, Hamden, Memphis, Cleveland and San Antonio, places I’ve never sung in before, thank you. I’ve made so many new friends in all of these cities i have been truly blown away.
Secondly, to the people who organise the Greeley and South Shore Festivals thank you for asking me back.
And to the people of Toledo (Maury Collins that means you) who had me sing for them for the THIRD time, I enjoyed it even more than when I sang there first!
My next step is to get back to work in my parish but I am also making to plans to make a new album and then who knows.
To everyone who made the effort to come to one of the concerts a huge thank you too. 🙏🏻

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