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Media frenzy is back!

Fr Ray is everywhere (again)!

Interview video Ciara Cole on Facebook post:

 Ciara Cole interview video

News, news

The Mirror UK, full article and link:

Simon Cowell leads standing ovation for vicar with voice of an angel who moves Britain's Got Talent audience to tears in heart-wrenching audition

He was utterly moved y the vicar's beautiful performance of REM's Everybody Hurts which had the audience in tears
ByJenny Desborough
00:01, 21 APR 2018
A vicar with a beautiful voice moved the audience to tears on Britain's Got Talent - and even stony-faced Simon Cowell led the standing ovation.
Father Ray Kelly, 64, a parish priest in Oldcastle, County Meath, in Ireland, said he decided to audition for the show when a film of him singing in church went viral on YouTube.

But no-one could prepare for what was to follow, as he performed a beautiful rendition of REM's Everybody Hurts, which he said was apt as, in his role as a priest, he is often bringing comfort to people.
There was not a dry eye in the house as he started softly, before letting rip in the chorus, evoking a huge reaction from the crowd.
Even he was emotional as he sang, and you could hear a pin drop as his vocal stylings came to an end.
But just when it seemed like silence would prevail, Simon stood up and began applauding the vicar, and he was quickly followed by his fellow judges and the entire auditorium.
Father Ray was visibly moved at this act, and tried to hold it together as the judges gave their verdict.
David Walliams said of his "beautiful" performance: "I've never seen a priest stand at a microphone and sing like that.
"You did it with such soul and passion - it just was a really, really beautiful performance."
Alesha Dixon added that his "soothing and calming" voice had people relating to things that were personal to them while Amanda Holden commented that "the whole congregation" was behind him.
Finally, Simon said his audition was one of his favourites ever, which clearly made the vicar incredibly emotional.
He said: "I wasn't quite sure what to expect to be honest with you, but I want to tell you this is one of my favourite ever auditions, I really mean that.
"I think your voice is beautiful, I love the version of the song; this is everything we have been waiting for."
As Father Ray walked offstage and told Ant and Dec he was an "emotional wreck."
Britain's Got Talent airs at 8pm on Saturday on ITV.

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