Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back in the USA! September Around the Corner and so is Father Ray Kelly

Bit of News Coverage from Nebraska

By Marty Callahan

There have been many Kelly’s that have been part of Greeley area history the past century plus. But this year 
is a very special and unique visitor Kelly arriving in Greeley for the Irish Festival in September.
Fr. Ray Kelly, a Catholic priest from Ireland who gained international fame with his surprise rendition of Hallelujah performed during a wedding he was officiating, will be gracing the festival grounds on  September 16th.
Fr. Ray told the Citizen this week that he has never been to Nebraska. “I am so delighted and excited about being a guest performer at Greeley. It seems to be a festival that has grown year to year in the past decade.”
Before Fr. Ray arrives in Greeley he will be in concert in Boston, Vermont and Baltimore. He will then head to Toledo, Ohio to wrap up his tour.
Fr. Ray was ordained a priest in June of 1989 in his home parish/village of Tyrrellspass, Co Westmeath. This year he celebrated 28 years in priesthood. He comes from a musically inclined family and says that he almost feels guilty to be gaining so much attention as a singer as that wasn’t and isn’t his main goal in life. He explained, “This chance to share my music has come to my door.”
It was actually Fr. Ray’s tour manager that had heard of the growing Greeley Irish Festival and who made contact with the local festival committee.
Fr. Ray will not only be bringing his very famous singing voice, but his charisma to the festival as well. He stated,
“One of the things that I love to do while I am on tour is to meet and greet people during and after the shows. I love to have photos taken with them and enjoy signing my CD music. It is important to have time for people!”
Like many of the others that have graced the stage at the Greeley Irish Festival, a strong Irish brogue can be detected with Fr. Ray’s conversation. There is will be no question as to where this entertainer is from.
Fr. Ray will be tentatively performing from 3:20-3:50 in the afternoon and from 6:10- 6:45 in the Central Valley Auditorium.
He will also be providing music from 7:40-8 p.m. between two of the main stage groups on the main festival grounds.
Fr. Kelly reiterated that he is very happy to be coming to Greeley. “I very much look forward to being a part of and enjoying this great Irish Festival!”

September Schedule, Get Your Tickets!

September 9 and September 10
Marshfield, Massachusetts
South Shore Irish Festival
Tickets Page Click here

September 12
Montpelier Vermont
Christ Church of Montpelier
64 State Street
Montpelier, VT, US

September 14
Baltimore Maryland
Amy's Place
5517 Ritchie Hwy
Brooklyn Park, MD

September 16
Greeley Nebraska
Greeley Irish Festival

September 19th
Toledo Ohio
Toledo Ohio's Historic Church of St. Patrick

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