Sunday, March 24, 2019

BIG Announcement! Third Album coming this year, YOU can be an Executive Producer!

More Music by Father Ray on the way! Become a part of it:

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Here is a note from Father Ray:
It's nearly 5 years since my whole musical adventure began with the "Hallelujah" video in 2014. I've travelled the world and made so many friends because of my music.
I have recorded two albums, "Where I Belong" and "An Irish Christmas Blessing" that I'm hugely proud of.
Every time I play a concert people ask me when I am going to release some new music?
So I was thinking that the best way to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of my "Hallelujah" Day was to record a new album and to allow my friends to help me produce it.
As I don't currently have a record deal, I have decided to partner with Kickstarter to raise the money to fund the recording costs of my new album.
If you are one of the people who buys a copy of the CD upfront, you will have your name listed on the album credits and you have the satisfaction of knowing  will be helping me to record that album
The campaign will run for 60 days, so if you want to have your name on my album sleeve you need to order within that time.
As a special treat, I will be hosting a very special concert show to launch my album and a limited amount of tickets for that show will be available as part of this campaign.
I hope to see some of you at that concert or in my travels in 2019. 

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