Monday, October 16, 2017

Let's Dance For Life! Father Ray Kelly featured in benefit music and dance event, Vienna, Austria

Upcoming Event!

(from Google translate of this page:
Let's Dance for Life

Saturday, 28 OCT 2017 
from 3.30 pm 
MITTANZEN and HELFEN is the motto for this evening and the charity club "Let's Dance For Life" is organizing a charity event in favor of the "Diversity Care Wien" association .

They listen to the best music mix from thrilling oldies to the latest hits and dance to boogie, jive, mambo, as well as all standard and late dynes etc. And also for all young and young, "Wanna Dance?" the current models. From classic dances to hip hop or the latest party dance, everything is done. Various show inserts allow time to breathe, before it continues to swing again!

This extensive dance evening is affordable for everyone, serves a good purpose and has a goal: dancing, dancing and dancing again!

Link to venue:
Arcotel Wimberger, Neubaugurtel 34-36, 1070 Wien

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