Tuesday, September 26, 2017

He Just Keeps Singing! Father Ray Kelly Concert in Mullingar September 29

Back Where He Belongs!

After a fantastic US Tour Father Ray Kelly continues to sing for good causes, this weekend in his birth town of Tyrellspass in Ireland. Here are the announcements and all the information from the official Facebook Page.

Friday September 29 at 8:15 PM
Greville Arms Hotel, Mullingar

Wrapping Up USA: The Toledo Proclamation Honoring Fr Ray Kelly

We have received a few emails from non-English speaking friends and fans asking what the Toledo Award was about. Here is the complete text so your Google can translate!

Office of the Mayor, City of Toledo
WHEREAS, as Mayor of the City of Toledo, it is my privilege and responsibility to recognize those individuals and organizations who have made outstanding achievements that reflect on the well-being and growth of the Toledo community and its citizens; and
WHEREAS, Father Ray kelly will wrap up the second leg of his "Hallelujah" Tour USA 2017 in Toledo, Ohio where it began. He wil perform at the Historic Church of St. Patrick on September 19, 2017 before an audience of upwards to 700 people. Proceeds from the performance will directly benefit the Deacon Tom's Food Pantry which serves roughly 75-125 peopel each day it is open; and
WHEREAS, Father Kelly is a well-respected vocalist who has shared his amazing voice with audiences throughout the world. His vocals are inspirational, spirit-filled and full of passion and continue to have a tremendous impace within the realm of music; and
WHEREAS, Father Kelly's greats love and passion is singing. Before his music career took off, he recorded in his in-home studio, competed in various local talent contests and perfromed for family and friends. His claim to fame came in 2014 when a wedding video of him singing went viral. Shortly after, he signed to Universal Music Ireland; and
WHEREAS, Father Kelly alongside his music career serves as a parish priest at St. Brigid's Church (County Meath, Ireland). He continues to keep up with his Parish work and has held steadfast to sharing his talents in benefit of charities and good causes; and
WHEREAS, Father Helly has achieved much success in his career and his presence is far reaching. He is encouraging, supportive and an inspiration to all who meet him. We honor him for his passion, talent and many contributions to the Toledo community. It is with much esteem that we applaud him on his outstanding achievements and wish him many more hears of success.
NOW THEREFORE, I, Paula Hicks-Hudson, Mayor of the City of Toledo, Ohio, by the powers vested in my, do hereby honor
Father Ray Kelly
and urge all citizens and those present to join me in recognizing the importance his contributions and impact upon the City of Toledo.
IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the official Seal of the City of Toledo to be affixed hereto this 19th day of September 2017.
(signed) Paula Hicks-Hudson, Mayor

Source: facebook.com/fatherraykelly
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