Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Happy Hallelujah Day!

April 4

On this date in 2014 a Catholic Priest in parochial Ireland, conducted one of many wedding ceremonies as he had done for 25 years of priesthood. He had previously told the couple Chris and Leah, that he may sing a little song for them, as he was prone to do on many other weddings...a little surprise. And so Fr Ray sang, the now famous Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah with words adapted to the occasion and personalized for the wedding couple...a little surprise!
Only this time, Fr Ray would be most surprised indeed.

A bit later, the happy couple reported to Fr Ray that the wedding video was on YouTube and he was the newest YouTube star! One thousand, two thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million??? Unbelievably, the video went viral quickly, shown across the globe by every news station on this earth, Ireland, UK, Germany, the US, Australia, the entire EU...everywhere was Father Ray Kelly singing Hallelujah! As of today, almost 56 million hits!

Since Then...

On our Biography page, the events that followed are outlined but needless to say Fr Ray's life changed a bit, we think. A contract with Universal Ireland and two recorded albums are just the highlights of the many appearances, voyages across the ocean, celebrations and concerts.

With our heartiest congratulations on this joyful anniversary, we wish Father Ray Kelly many more years of blessings and joy, health and happiness and, of course, singing and singing and singing!!!
Here are some of our favorite highlights of this wonderful voyage.

Fr Ray Kelly in St Brigid's Church

Signing the contract

In London 

Sound check in Dublin

In the USA on Fox TV

Trip to New York for St Patrick's 2015

Dublin oncert (our very favorite picture)

Navan concert

Late Late Show appearance

Where I Belong goes platinum!

First Album cover Where I Belong
An Irish Christmas Blessing album cover

Latest concerts in Ireland

Christmas concert, still from the  DVD

Latest concert in Germany

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