Friday, February 10, 2017

In Memoriam: A Beautiful Tribute

Remembering Regina in Beautiful Words


For those not on Facebook, the entire beautiful missive:

"We gather next Sunday 12th February at 11.00am in Kilbeggan Church to celebrate Mass on the first anniversary of the death of my sister Regina. We gather to remember her. Every time we remember we become conscious of our great loss and of our grief The deep wounds of grief inflicted by her death still remain raw for us and so, as we pray for Reg, it is important also that we carry in prayer those for whom her death has been so painful: her husband Seamus, her children Gillian, Deborah, Richard & Amy, her grandchildren Ryan, Mia, Jake, Conall, Eoin, Mark, Liam, Neela and Eve, her sister Rose and brothers Joe and myself.
Over the past year the enormity of what happened with the death of Regina has slowly been sinking in as it comes home to us. So our coming together on Sunday is shrouded in sadness and a sense of great loss.
So as we gather in sadness and with this deep sense of loss we come before God very fragile and vulnerable with empty hands, aware of our need for God’s healing. It has been a year of disbelief, shock, loneliness and grief. We struggled, and continue to struggle in our loss.
In spite of all that has happened and all its impact, we continue to believe that Jesus, the light of the world, has accompanied us at every step, inside and out, a cloud of unknowing, a shield to defend us. He has given us strength to carry a heavy cross; He has been close to us when we turned to Him in prayer; He has listened to our prayers for ourselves and for each other.
So as we gather around His table to celebrate the Eucharist; He gives us the strength to continue and He gives us hope, the hope of eternal union with Regina in God’s presence and, in this life, the hope of brighter, happier days. The presence of Jesus to us does not lessen the grief that we feel or the loneliness and heartache of those who mourn Reg and miss her. Yet, we believe that God’s saving love which was working through the sufferings and death of His Son Jesus Christ, that same love of God which is more powerful than we can ever imagine is at work in us who mourn and will bring us life, healing, light and hope. This is our faith in action.
So as we remember Regina today we also want to express our thanks to God for his many blessings and graces. We thank God for the joy of knowing and loving Regina. We thank God for the love in her life, her love for Seamus, her love for her family and for her many friends. We thank God for her faith, her role as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. We are grateful for the encouragement and inspiration that she gave where she worked in school. We also appreciate the support and friendship of many people who have helped us over the past year. But, above all, we are grateful to God for the almost 60 years of life and gift of Reg herself, the gift she was and is. In the words of the psalmist, we thank God for ‘the wonder of her being’, for all she meant and means to those she loved and those who love her. Reg, we will never forget you, pray for us, as we pray for you. May you rest in peace."

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