Friday, November 4, 2016

DVD " A Christmas Concert From the Heart of Ireland" Sneak Preview

But First...two chances to see Father Ray Kelly live and perhaps get your CDs and DVD signed!

Remember the Upcoming Concert Dates!

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An Evening with Fr Ray Kelly
National Concert Hall
Dublin Ireland
November 13, 2016
with Lucy O'Byrne

Monday 5th of December, Cork, Opera House
Monday 5th of December, 2016
Cork, Opera House
Cork Ireland

DVD A Christmas Concert From the Heart of Ireland

We purchased from HeartBeat Records in USA and received an early surprise! Surely we are not supposed to share early but you know what they say, better ask for forgiveness than for permission...only in this instance!

Here is the lovely cover, a match for the CD An Irish Christmas Blessing

The DVD is really beautifully done, full of songs, commentary and delightful live images from the December 2015 Concert in St. Brigid's Church, County Meath, Ireland. Family clips, heartfelt Christmas comments,  just really well done. The setting could not be more beautiful and so we couldn't help take a few screen shots to tempt fans from all over to purchase the DVD. While you are at HeartBeat Records, check out the great deal on both the DVD and CD together!

See this blog's "Shop" tab for links to all the places to buy: 

Also see Father Ray Kelly's Facebook page for a sneak clip of Little Drummer Boy.

Pictures pictures! From the DVD, enjoy!

Source: DVD Christmas Concert From the Heart of Ireland
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