Monday, September 26, 2016

Fans Worldwide Rejoice! See Father Ray Kelly in Concert in a New DVD Released in November

Announcements, announcements!
First, DVD Released in November

Father Ray writes:
Every Christmas, I have always enjoyed holding a special Christmas concert in my Parish. Last Christmas was no different, except that we filmed the concert, added some special Christmas memories, and this Christmas we will release the DVD, "A Christmas Concert From The Heart of Ireland" on November 13th to coincide with my show at the National Concert Hall. Here's a preview of the cover.
I'll be putting up a clip of a small section of the film at the start of October
The DVD will be available from HeartBeat Records (always cater to the little guy!) and Amazon. While you are there, pick up a copy of Father Ray's two music CD's!
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Another Concert Brewing

Here is the schedule of upcoming concerts in Ireland. If you miss one, there is another! Don't forget to pre-buy tickets for the November 13 concert in the National Concert Hall in Dublin.
We can't wait to see Father Ray Kelly sing in person!

Two Upcoming Concerts: 

  • Sunday 13th of November, Dublin, Concert Hall and release of Christmas DVD! 
  • Monday 5th of December, Cork, Opera House

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