Monday, February 15, 2016

Memories of Childhood in the Snow

February 2015

About this time last year, Father Ray Kelly was preparing for his Dublin concert at the Olympia Theater, how time flies!
And early last year he took the time to reminds us all about childhood and playing in the snow. Photos that follow credited to Paul Connors and if you are sharp you might notice some of the playfulness in Father Ray's hand. Seems that Paul might have gotten a snowball thrown at him at some point but that's all speculation.
Enjoy the post and the photos.

Post February 2015

‘When I was a child I loved the snow. I yearned to see those large white snowflakes fall from the dark grey sky to form a big white blanket. My mother would take down our coats, hats, scalves and gloves, and help us with our boots.
We had great fun in the snow; my Dad Joe, my brother Joe, and my sisters Rosemarie and Regina would all join in the snowball fighting. Sometimes those snowballs were a way at getting back at my Dad or my older brother for making me mad at what I considered unfair! Needless to say I got many more thrown back at me than I threw, and you know they were always much more accurate with their target.
Then we would set about making the perfect snowman. We rolled and rolled the snow into a huge snowball, that would eventually become the snowman’s body once Dad's strength was on hand to sit it in position!
Once the head was placed on top we set about finding dead branches from the trees to make the arms. Then the face was formed with stones for the eyes and mouth, and a large carrot for his long nose. A few stones to create the buttons, a scarf wrapped around his neck, and one of Dad's old hats completed the perfect snowman!
He was about to come to life. Snow certainly clears the mind, and brings the child in each one of us to the fore, with childhood memories and lots of smiles.
Have a good week everyone. May all you childhood memories bring you lots of smiles’.
Father Ray.
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