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Memories From 2015, Personal Messages from Father Ray Kelly

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Oh how we enjoyed seeing those words through the past years! Of the Facebook postings we enjoyed the most in 2014 and 2015 were the "Personal Messages" that Father Ray Kelly would write on occasion to update his fans on his adventures and daily life.
Here is one that Father Ray posted to kick off 2015; by then the album Where I Belong had been released and Fr Ray was on full promoting mode. A couple of concerts were in the lineup and an upcoming trip to New York City for St Patrick's Day. Whew!
But first, Father Ray shares his 2014 Christmas with family and kicks off plans for 2015. We will be plucking more of these gems from Father Ray Kelly's Official Facebook Page.

 A personal message from Father Ray (January 2015):
"Happy New Year to everyone! I love Christmas, and it was very short for me this year with my family, just over 24 hours to be exact, as I was back in my parish for an evening mass on Boxing Day or St Stephen's day.
Christmas Day began with celebrating the Eucharist (Mass) with my two parish communities in Moylagh and Oldcastle. After that I packed my car with pressies for the family and my two dogs Biddy and Buddy. I celebrated Mass again with my family in my home in Tyrrellspass, and then it was off to see my sister in Kilbeggan for feasting with some of her family.
When there are children around Christmas is always so special, and my sister’s daughter Gillian, along with her husband and four children, were with us for the Christmas dinner. Needless to say, her children were still full of the joys of Santa Claus, although getting more tired every minute as they were awake from about 5.00am!
They were excited to hear that Santa Claus phoned me on my mobile during my two Christmas Eve Masses. He has made a habit of this now for a number of years, and all the children along with their parents at the Masses have come to expect it!
Their 18-day-old brother Conal brought new life to the celebrations, and a new focus and a reminder for me of the birth of the infant Jesus Christ, the prince of peace, the inspiration and anchor in my life. Then five days after Christmas the newest member of my family arrive; my niece Jenny and her husband Jonathan gave birth to a little girl Lara, a sister of Levi.
A week after Christmas I was informed that my album ‘Where I Belong’ had gone platinum! WOW! So exciting, what a great start to the new year!
My album is going to be released in the UK on Jan 19th, and then my focus will be preparing for the biggest gig of my life, at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. Then my US fans will get a chance to hear my album on 9th March, so exciting times ahead for 2015!
I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, and if it is as exciting as the last nine months then bring it on!
Happy New Year Everyone. May it be a year of peace, happiness, contentment and good health". Father Ray Kelly.
Photo by Paul Connors

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