Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sneak a Peek at the Lady Lake Concert in Florida USA 2015

Those Sneaky iPhones!

We came across a few videos of the 2015 Lady Lake Florida Concert at St Timothy Church. The concert took place Thursday November 19 2015 and was a sellout. After contacting the Church we learned that the concert had not been recorded by the Church cameras, however there seem to be plenty of phone-video-recording going on. These nine (9!) videos were posted by Kim Hollis on a dedicated YouTube Channel. Thank you Kim!

Lady Lake, Florida, Father Ray Kelly in Concert

Here are a couple of our favorites and following the link to the YouTube Channel and the rest of the videos. Some have now been added to our Video Vault.

Dedicated YouTube Channel Lady Lake Concert by Kim Hollis

Source: facebook.com/fatherraykelly, YouTube.com Kim Hollis Channel
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