Thursday, January 21, 2016

Midwest USA May Get Some Irish Luck! Concert Near Chicago?

Concert Possible in Libertyville?

We love a good tease, seems Father Ray Kelly is mulling the possibility of coming to the USA for a concert March 13 near Chicago Illinois. Libertyville is around 35 miles from Chicago proper. Keep an eye on the official Facebook Page for concrete details. Be sure to let him know if you will attend and like the page while there.
We will add it to the Upcoming Concerts list when we know for sure where and when and how to get tickets, stay tuned!
Recent appearance at the Late Late Show, RTE One
Here is a link to the announcement on the Facebook Page:

January 31st Concert poster

And here again is the official poster announcing the upcoming benefit concert in Virginia, Ireland at the Ramor Theater. Busy 2016 so far for Father Ray, we wish him sellouts everywhere!

Where I Belong

And for those who cannot attend either concert, you can always listen to Father Ray Kelly's sweet voice through his CDs. If your Christmas mood has left you, there is the "other" CD, released in 2014 Where I Belong.

Link to HeartBeat Records in the US, the main distributor:

In Europe, you can pick it up through the Universal Records Store:

To submit news past, present or future:

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