Monday, January 4, 2016

Father Ray Kelly in St Brigid's Church

St Brigid's Church and Live Cameras

Photo credit Paul Connors

When Father Ray Kelly isn't singing, rehearsing, giving interviews or making live appearances, he is conducting his duties as Parish Priest of St Brigid's Church in Oldcastle, County Meath Ireland. Really when his singing career "hit" he inherited a second full-time job.

Through the magic of the internet, everyone can tune in to the live cameras at the Church in St Brigid's and "attend" live mass. Everyone can get to know Father Ray through his words of guidance during services. The schedule of services is right below the photo in this page:

Nativity Scene at St Brigid's

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone kept the Christmas spirit close to their hearts for the entire year after?Imagine everyone continuing to reach out to family and friends with gifts or simply a little love, phone calls and visits. Imagine the spirit of giving and generosity living on in everyone's hearts.
As the year turns into "normalcy" Father Ray Kelly shares a photo of the Nativity display in the church. Thank you Fr Ray for the picture and Dorothy LeBlanc for posting on Facebook.

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  1. I just happened to be scanning You Tube when I came across Fr. Ray's rendition of Hallelujah for a couple he was performing a wedding ceremony for. God certainly has "She His Grace on Thee" As a Catholic this is what we need to inspire the flock. A common man who can relate. God Bless you FR. Ray from America.