Monday, December 21, 2015

Oh What a Night! St Brigid's Concert, Oldcastle

Recap Father Ray Kelly Concert December 20 2015

Through the magic of the internet, the concert was streamed live on the fixed cameras of the St Brigid's Church live feed ( all across the world for fans to enjoy.
Since the cameras are on 24/7, the preparations and all the crew  and equipment involved in recording a concert were also amazing to watch. Sure takes a bunch of handy helpers and equipment to produce and film a concert! Guests were very talented and entertaining, stay tuned to the Facebook Page for updates and details. They included Father Ray's brother Joe Kelly and his merry accordion, a very young and brave Hannah Roddy, and Annie Galligan who delighted with her beautiful voice. Well done!

A huge thank you to Fr Ray for the thoughtful wave to fans around the world who tuned in to the cameras.
Sound check? Photo credit Gordon Charlton Instagram

Father Ray Kelly and manager Gordon Charlton discussing...
something serious, no doubt!

DVD in the Future?

Fans are hoping! There was some serious filming and recording going on so we're guessing a DVD of the concert or parts of it are in the works. In the meantime, the recordings of services at St Brigid's Church are usually posted on this FacebookPage (make sure you "like" the page while you are enjoying the concert excerpts).
A little singing in the lime-light before the concert

Last few days to get the CD!

Just expedite shipping, it's well worth it.

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Source:, Gordon Charlton Instagram,
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