Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Barbershop Talk, Radio and TV - Busy Week for Father Ray Kelly

Ask the Barber!

Want to know what Father Ray Kelly does between parish work and singing? Just ask the barber! Here is a post by Justins Barbers on Facebook, thank you for sharing. See previous post or the Facebook Event for the official concert announcement. Show your interest by clicking interested even if you are 4900 miles or 7800 km away!

We will Keep an eye out and scour the web for links to the scheduled appearances on the Late Late Show this Friday and the LMFM Radio appearance.

Link to RTE Late Late Show LIVE airs Friday 9.30pm 2130

Links to LMFM Live and Podcasts
Live http://www.liveradio.ie/stations/lmfm
Podcasts http://lmfm.ie/Podcasts/Podcasts

Fans are avidly waiting that DVD  mentioned below!

Father Ray Kelly
getting "glammed up" for his concert

Father Ray Kelly popped in for his Christmas Haircut with a Present - His new Album '' An Irish Christmas Blessing '' which is on sale at every record shop, Or order through Amazon or simply download through iTunes. Fr Ray is appearing on the Late Late Show this Friday, and will also be on LMFM later this week, Plus Shannon-side Radio next week. This Sunday you can attend St Brigid's Church at 7:30pm where Father Ray will perform at his Annual Carol service featuring guests on the night, Some of the night will be used in a DVD so make sure you Glam yourself up !! €10 entrance at the door ..

Video of last RTE Late Late show

Courtesy Gerry Duffy

Fr Ray Kelly the Singing Priest on RTE Late Late Show from Gerry Duffy on Vimeo.

Still time to gift An Irish Christmas Blessing

Still want the CD? Available online at:
And in stores in Ireland through Golden Discs

Source: visitor post Facebook.com/fatherraykelly, Vimeo Gerry Duffy
To submit news past, present or future: contact@fatherrakellynews.com

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