Thursday, December 3, 2015

An Irish Christmas Blessing CD dedication

CD Insert

The informational insert in Father Ray Kelly's music CDs continues to provide a recurring joyful surprise. The words are heartfelt and uplifting as the music and provide a source of inspiration for all.
Not to spoil all of the surprise, here are some excerpts.

"When it was suggested that I record a Christmas Album, my inner-child smiled with joy and shouted YES, YES YES. My heart jingled as  a flood of Christmas songs came to mind. I wanted to record them all.
There can never be anything as magical as Christmas. A time full of memories that hold a sense of nostalgia for good times long gone, and for loved ones no longer with us..."

"Finally, I want to thank my family, my brother and sisters, nieces and nephews, grand-nieces and grand-nephews for their love, care and interest in my music career. Particularly I want to thank my sister Regina who has been "The Mammy" of the family for many years now. She is always a tower of strength and Christmas is her specialty, she pulls out all the stops for all of us. 'Reg we are all here for you too, and I dedicate this Christmas Album to you for what you mean to all of us. I love you, Ray'"
Photo credit: Paul Connors

Source: CD An Irish Christmas Blessing Insert 

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